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In the recent times, what looks like a futuristic lifestyle portrayed in sci-fi movies is actually happening to be a part of our daily routine – all credit goes to the voice recognition software known as ‘Voice Search’! This concept means that you literally do not need to lift your finger or type out words into the search box to receive answers from search engines such as Google or Bing. All you need to do is ask a question out loud, for instance, ‘How far is Melbourne from Adelaide?’ or ‘pizza outlets near me’, and your search engine will give you the answer. Its growing popularity among searchers of all ages indicates a revolution in the way people search online.

For the marketers, this is a phenomenal development as it has the capability to alter the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) landscape. There are volumes to be learned about this technology, and everything could metamorphose in a short time span.

Businessman or bloggers who want to market their websites need to understand how voice search differs from conventional search, and what significance it holds for their SEO. We are all aware of the fact that we have to improve our page ranking in order to get noticed online. The next step is to stay updated and well-acquainted with the latest trends and find your feet accordingly.

Benefits of Voice Search:

  • It is lightning fast: Voice search is pretty fast as most of the people speak faster than they type.
  • A hands-free concept: Voice search is a hands-free process. The users can acquire information when they are cooking, driving, or for that matter occupied with anything else.
  • No more typing on a tiny screen: For people using a mobile device, asking a question out loud is generally easier than typing it out on a tiny screen.

Smartphones complement voice search: It is becoming easier and more convenient to make use of voice search as more and more people are using smartphones. It is but natural that most of the users will try out the inbuilt voice features. Millionhits will help you stay on top of the virtual market through the support of its excellent SEO team.