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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is a kind of sponsored online advertising that is used on a wide range of websites and search engines, where the advertiser only pays if an Internet user clicks on their advertisement. Hence the title, ‘pay per click.’

Pay Per Click is a cost-effective means to get your website noticed by your targeted audience while other Internet marketing strategies are gradually helping your website achieve its natural ranking potential.

Million Hits provides the most reliable pay per click advertising service. In a way, Pay Per Click advertising works like a silent auction. You place bids on keywords or phrases that you think your target audience would type in a search field when they are looking for certain goods or services. When an Internet user types a search query into the field of a search engine that matches your ads keyword list or visits a website with content that corresponds to the keywords or phrases chosen by you, the Pay Per Click ad may be displayed on the page. In search engines, a Pay Per Click ad is usually just above or to the right of the search results where it can be seen easily. On other kinds of websites, the ad is placed in the location that the website designer has determined.

The Million Hits Pay Per Click ads service is advantageous to you and Internet users as well. You get noticed by your target audience and you are charged only for the number of times your ads are clicked on and Internet users get to choose from websites that may be relevant to the page they are viewing without dealing with banner or pop-up ads that flash and distract.