This case study talks about a company that sold its products majorly through distributors, and thus its website had various pages given the massive product catalog. They first hired an ‘SEO company’ that had experience in the field of digital marketing.

The major problem at hand was how to improve the existing website & make it work better for the customers and clients. The size of the website needed a whole lot of consistency for a weighty increase in the leads. However, the SEO was not efficient enough and miserably failed to create any difference. After that, the client approached us – Millionhits, a celebrated SEO company.

What we did –

Clearly, to make distinguished SEO improvements, effectual strategies had to be firmly put in place. This meant that our best digital experts & web marketing strategists with ample experience in whatever goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of the search engines had to be chosen for this job.

What we ended up doing encompassed –

Our experts took to the task of creating & formulating a ‘header’ and ‘footer’ for the clients’ website. We added new products on the website; our SEO team worked hand in hand with our web designing team to keep the client’s website looking updated & cohesive at all times.

We created a brand new lead generation campaign. The entire process encompassed exploitation of each & every probability to make it work for our client. This encompassed the optimization of the content and coding of the entire website, along with enabling better site usability and user experience.

The end result –

Our client’s website was able to convert an enhanced number of visitors by over 70 per cent in less than a year’s time. The consistency by which we kept adjusting our online marketing strategy for our client also led to ‘scalable’ results. The total number of visitors who revisited the website also increased a great deal, thanks to the enhanced quality of leads and effort put in by our skilled SEO experts, proficient content writers, and unparalleled web designers.

Millionhits is known to solve tricky web designing & digital marketing issues that pop up in one of the finest companies in Australia. So, next time you’re having a hard time enhancing your virtual business, unlock your smartphone and give us a tinkle!