This case study deals with one of our major clients who are planning to sell their products online through a network of distributors. With a huge range of products, their site contains many pages. They approached us when they had just launched without having any prior experience of running a website.

Our client implemented an online campaign for increasing leads. Their site required consistency for making a strategic impact on leads. Anonymous traffic reports from a website tell you about the people who have been on your website. It has its own limitations to inform you their names unless your visitor has interacted or shared information with you. They will not be in your database and you will not be able to recognize them.

As and when they add new products, we worked on them for keeping the site looking cohesive. These updations helped our client convert more visitors. This process included optimizing the content evenly throughout the site, as well as enabling better usability of the site. Consistently adjusting the online marketing strategy on behalf of our client led to an excellent result. We ensured that our clients are growing at a predetermined rate that is measurable and provides qualified and profitable leads. We measured analytics of their website, apart from measuring the progress based on feedbacks provided by customer satisfaction. The number of visitors submitting their details through the contact us page increased by 72% within a year.

The reason Million Hits say ”Think Ingenious” is that you need to plan out your website content in such a way so that whatever content your visitors see becomes a flagship or an indication of what they are doing on your site and move to other pages within your site. Million Hits has a rich knowledge of header and footer design. Tracking visitors on your website is a core component of our marketing automation platform and is one of the simplest ways to benefit from.