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Top 3 tips to make your website look professional!

So you have built your own website, it has cool sliders & functions, but it’s not quite giving a professional look that you were seeking. Do you have to hire a web developer to help you?

You may; you may not. Even though a company like Millionhits could solve your problems in no time, there are a few more easy & cost-effective tips that could make your website look professional. (more…)

Voice Search – A hands-free revolution

In the recent times, what looks like a futuristic lifestyle portrayed in sci-fi movies is actually happening to be a part of our daily routine – all credit goes to the voice recognition software known as ‘Voice Search’! This concept means that you literally do not need to lift your finger or type out words into the search box to receive answers from search engines such as Google or Bing. (more…)